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Fujifilm's quality control program for Aspire Cristalle and Aspire HD Plus offers a simple, efficient way for technologists to perform the necessary quality tests to maintain peak image quality. Used for both screening and diagnostic mammography imaging, the 1 Shot Phantom M Plus allows technologists and physicists to efficiently perform accurate daily, quarterly, semi-annual and annual QC tests.

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10 Tests with One Exposure

  1. Missed tissue at chest wall side
  2. CNR
  3. System sensitivity
  4. Geometric distortion
  5. System artifact (entire image)
  6. Uniformity
  7. Dynamic range
  8. Spatial resolution
  9. LCD
  10. Linearity/beam quality

Support for International Standards

Like all of Fujifilm's women's health care products, the system was designed based on feedback from physicians and technologists worldwide, and Fujifilm's proprietary test items and calculations cover international standards and guidelines (IEC61223-3-2 Ed2.0 and EUREF ED4.0).

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Exceptional quality images, improved workflow and ease-of-use, patient comfort, and system reliability are some of the reasons clinicians select Fujifilm digital mammography solutions. Hear what our customers have to say.
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