Accurate and Efficient Stereotactic Biopsy

Available for use with Aspire Cristalle and Aspire HD Plus, the Stereotactic Biopsy Unit allows radiologists to perform reliable, accurate, easy-to-perform procedures with all the features of Aspire digital mammography.

The optional stereotactic biopsy unit makes use of the technology, comfort and efficiency features of Aspire Cristalle and Aspire HD Plus, with a tube/detector unit that can be positioned from -90° to +90°. Requires precise enlargement monitor.

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  • Review previous examinations on the acquisition workstation simply by requesting images from PACS
  • Targeting support includes a high-resolution dual display system, selectable targeting mode (100 or 50┬Ám), targeting guide function on stereo images and advanced image processing
  • Target position is shown on display screen, allowing technologist to make fine adjustments of the Z coordinate
  • Quickly and efficiently check needle depth directly from the biopsy device, providing peace of mind for the patient and protecting the exposure table from accidental damage

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