Choose the digital mammography system that is right for you

Aspire Digital Mammography systems challenge the status quo with renowned imaging technology, uptime, ease-of-use and comfort. Choose from:

  • Aspire Cristalle — optimized images across all breast types, automated system start-up and calibration, with an upgrade path to future technologies
  • Aspire HD Plus — exceptional image quality, combining Fujifilm's groundbreaking Direct Optical Switching technology with single-touch positioning and ergonomic design
  • Aspire CR — Offer enhanced image quality with FFDM, using existing mammography gantry systems
  • Fujifilm's patented Comfort Paddle is optional with Aspire HD Plus and provided standard with Aspire Cristalle

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Aspire delivers productivity, clarity and comfort

All Fujifilm digital mammography systems are designed to maximize productivity throughout your entire mammography department. With Fujifilm, you'll acquire exceptional quality images in record time, improving workflow and making diagnoses quickly and easily. Aspire Cristalle provides high image quality with gentle comfort for the patient and ease-of-use for the technologist.

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Worldwide, clinicians trust Fujifilm

Exceptional quality images, improved workflow and ease-of-use, patient comfort, and system reliability are some of the reasons clinicians select Fujifilm digital mammography solutions. Hear what our customers have to say.
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