Aspire CR

Fujifilm developed the CR product line to offer enhanced image quality using full field digital mammography with existing mammography gantry systems. Fujifilm introduced digital mammography in 1983 with the launch of the first computed radiography system for mammography. Since then, more facilities have chosen Fujifilm for their digital mammography imaging needs than any other manufacturer worldwide. Fujifilm continues to focus extensive research & development efforts on women's health solutions. With proven imaging performance and the ability to handle large exam volumes, Aspire CR products and the AWSc modality workstation can help you convert to digital mammography with confidence.

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Aspire ClearView CSm, 1m and Aspire CRm

  • 50-micron pixel resolution delivers exceptional image quality
  • High resolution can help overcome the limited contrast and narrow exposure latitude associated with screen-film mammography
  • 18x24cm and 24x30cm CR cassettes help optimize patient positioning
  • Multi-modality:  reads standard CR cassettes for general radiographic procedures

Aspire ClearView CSm

  • Ergonomically-designed, four-slot, multi-plate reader
  • Small footprint, accommodates up to three exam rooms
  • Dual-side reading and 50µm sampling for high DQE

Aspire ClearView 1m

  • Single-slot unit with a footprint small enough for most mammography rooms
  • Dual-side reading and 50µm sampling for high DQE

Aspire CRm

  • Single-side reading at high resolution 50µm

Worldwide, clinicians trust Fujifilm

Exceptional quality images, improved workflow and ease-of-use, patient comfort, and system reliability are some of the reasons clinicians select Fujifilm digital mammography solutions. Hear what our customers have to say.
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