Aspire Cristalle:  Meet Our Motivation

Aspire Cristalle combines Fujifilm's extensive research, expertise and experience to offer a new, advanced digital mammography system that optimizes image contrast and dose across all
breast types.

We're Motivated by Patients

The patented Comfort Paddle is one of many features that are designed to make mammograms more comfortable and easy for patients. Our new imaging technology and advanced algorithms provide exceptional imaging of all breast types, including dense breasts and implants, helping to reduce the anxiety of repeat exams and higher-dose procedures.

We're Motivated by Radiologists

Small pixel size is only one of the reasons that Aspire Cristalle's new Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) technology results in high DQE and MTF. New, unique algorithms optimize image contrast and dose, regardless of breast type, helping reduce the need to repeat exams and higher-dose alternatives.

We're Motivated by Technologists

Aspire Cristalle helps make it easier for mammography technologists to perform reliable exams quickly and easily. From the simple one-button startup to the patented Comfort Paddle, which provides gentle, even compression of the breast, technologists will find many reasons to love working with Aspire Cristalle.

We're Motivated by Your Success

Aspire Cristalle is an excellent choice when considering investing in your next full-field digital mammography system. Aspire Cristalle's innovative technology is designed to increase detector life, help improve technologist throughput, and ensure consistently high-quality images. Fujifilm's renowned uptime is backed by 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostic services.

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Forward-thinking technology, Fujifilm innovation.

  • Patented, flexible Comfort Paddle provides gentle, even compression of the breast and is designed to improve patient comfort
  • Intelligent AEC factors in breast density to calculate optimal dose for each exam
  • Optimized contrast and image quality — across all breast types — with ISC
  • 50-micron pixel size output display
  • Automatic system start-up and calibration — Aspire Cristalle is ready for work when you are
  • Sleep mode can extend detector life as much as 300%
  • Lower* acquisition time — only 15 seconds
  • Adjust angle of swivel arm from +90° to -90° at a single touch
  • Set exposure and view exposure confirmation on a single screen
  • Easily adjust density and contrast while viewing images
  • Aspire QC Tools allow technologists to efficiently perform accurate routine QC tests
  • Backed by Fujifilm's renowned service and support, including 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostic service
  • Provides an upgrade path to future technologies

*compared to Aspire HD and Aspire HD plus

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Exceptional quality images, improved workflow and ease-of-use, patient comfort, and system reliability are some of the reasons clinicians select Fujifilm digital mammography solutions. Hear what our customers have to say.
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