Over 20 Years of Digital Mammography Innovation

Fujifilm broke new ground in 1983 by launching the first-ever digital mammography system. Fujifilm continues to invest in research and collaborate with specialists in the field to develop revolutionary and reliable imaging technologies.

Fujifilm is a robust, global company with an 80-year history of "firsts" in technology and innovation. Fujifilm chose to challenge the status quo of conventional breast imaging technology, developing two groundbreaking breast imaging technologies since 2009:  Direct Optical Switching (DOS), used in Aspire HD Plus, and Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) image capture technology, used in the new Aspire Cristalle.

Fujifilm is currently focused on developing tomosynthesis breast imaging technology to address the challenges faced by existing technologies.

Over 9,000 global customers put their trust in Fujifilm Aspire digital mammography systems, making Fujifilm the global leader in digital mammography systems.

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Promoting Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Fujifilm is working to promote the early detection of breast cancer through expanded awareness of the need for regular mammograms. The ongoing, nationwide public awareness campaign, Images of Health, focuses on sharing inspirational stories to increase awareness of the importance of early detection, and to drive donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

Committed to Customers

As the only vendor in the U.S. to provide both CR- and DR-based FFDM systems, Fujifilm provides an upgrade path for breast imaging facilities with growing needs. Aspire Cristalle also offers an upgrade path to future technologies.

Fujifilm offers a single-vendor medical imaging solution with a broad set of offerings, from the Synapse family of products to our renowned FDR and FCR radiography imaging systems. This allows facilities to manage all hardware and imaging informatics software from a single source, eliminating multiple service contracts and integration costs. Full integration within Fujifilm's enterprise solution means that clinicians working with Aspire can easily connect to other Fujifilm Synapse products such as PACS.

Worldwide, clinicians trust Fujifilm

Exceptional quality images, improved workflow and ease-of-use, patient comfort, and system reliability are some of the reasons clinicians select Fujifilm digital mammography solutions. Hear what our customers have to say.
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